Conscious Sedation

Numerous patients are self-conscious and anxious about dental treatment and visits to the dentist. We provide our apprehensive patients with two types of sedation to make their appointments more relaxing and comfortable.

1. The first type is intravenous sedation or IV sedation. The sedative is injected in a controlled manner, allowing you to feel at ease throughout the dental procedure.

2. The second type of sedation is inhalation sedation, which is ideal for those who dislike injections. A small mask is positioned over the nose and mouth, and a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is breathed in. This gas mixture will help you relax during your dental visit. You remain awake and aware while receiving sedation, but you will experience a profound sense of calm and relaxation as your teeth are worked on.

Our dentists and nurses are specially trained to administer these types of sedation and will ensure your safety and comfort throughout your entire visit.

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