Stopping smoking

Numerous studies have demonstrated that smoking and using tobacco products negatively affects the dentition and gums. Tobacco's effect on gingival tissue cells makes smokers more susceptible to infections such as periodontal and gum diseases. Here are some oral health issues resulting from smoking:

1. Having bad breath.

2. stained Teeth.

3. Loss of jawbone, receding gums, and tooth loss.

4. mouth ulcers and ineffective recovery of mouth ulcers.

5. Senses of scent and taste are diminished.

6. Mouth cancer.

As dental professionals, we must inform you of the dangers of smoking and assist you in quitting by providing information and support. Your oral health will improve rapidly and you will notice changes in your mouth almost immediately if you quit smoking or using tobacco products. It is imperative that you visit the office for regular checkups so that we can assist you in maintaining good oral health and offer you guidance and encouragement.

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