Sinus Lift

Have you worn upper dentures for many years? Did you know that there is a more comfortable alternative? If you have worn dentures in your upper jaw for an extended period of time, the bone will have receded, making implant treatment difficult and giving your face a sunken aspect. A sinus lift utilises the facial contours to give dental implants a second opportunity at functionality and dependability.

1. Prior to the procedure, a series of tests will be conducted to determine the adequacy of the sinuses. These tests may include panoramic radiographs and computed tomography (CT) scans.

2. Similar to a bone graft procedure, there are several options for the new bone material: the patient, other (human or animal) tissue sources, or synthetic material. Your dentist will recommend the best option for you.

3. The dentist will perform the sinus lift procedure while you are under general anaesthesia.

4. After a period of time, the site will be suitable for implant placement.

A sinus lift is a safe and clinically proven procedure that, when performed with skill and care, provides the most stable foundation for life-altering implant surgery. As with any surgical procedure, our practise ensures that you comprehend all aftercare instructions and follows up frequently to ensure that recuperation is proceeding normally.

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